Financing a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or trailer is a common option to do for people who do not have the right of amount of cash to buy them. This is the practical thing to do in order to take home the RV or trailer without the right amount of cash.

First things first, why do people purchase RV or trailer? RV is basically a motorized vehicle that can run on its own. On the other hand, trailers are similar to RV, but they are towed with a car or any other vehicle. Nevertheless, these two serve the same functions – they are both serving your home when you are away from your actual home traveling, camping, on vacation and other leisure time. They house the amenities of an actual home. You can find bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Some RVs and trailers have internet connections and other technological amenities and features similar that of a home. Hence, when you go camping with a trailer or RV, you do not have to set tent. If you drive a long travel, you do not need to look for hotel or motel to stay during the night. That is how important and convenient RVs or trailer.

The cost of these RVs or trailers is determined by the features, specifications and amenities that are as close as homes. Expect that the cost of RV or trailer range from thousands of dollars up to millions of dollars. The highest end RVs or trailer is like living on the second home with its high end and technological amenities such as mobile internet connection, spacious kitchen and bedroom as well as living space.

There are various sources of financing the purchase of RV or trailer. You can find them at the:

  1. Seller or dealer of the RV and trailer
  2. Commercial banks
  3. Credit unions
  4. Lending companies and money lenders
  5. Financial help from a family member or a friend

With so many possible sources, it is advisable that you do thorough research of the loan product or the financing solution offered by the lender you will choose. Make sure that you conduct comparison of the loan details such as the interest rate, the total finance amount, penalty fees, payment terms and the addition of freebies.

Before applying, make sure you are ready for the requirements such as your credit score, your financial statement, employment information and personal background. Get in touch with the lender you choose so that you will know if there are other requirements needed to be submitted. Call the nearest branch or the representative or agent of the lending company or lender. Being prepared as well as planning everything is the key to get the best loan deals.

What are the finance forms for RV/trailer purchase? In every application there is a need to fill up application forms for the financing in order for the lender to assess/evaluate the applicant. Finance forms vary per lender, but the critical information they need are required. These are the personal background, employment information and financial capabilities.

If you apply for the loans offered by the commercial banks, you can get the application form by downloading it to their website or by getting it from the nearest branch. The same applies for the credit unions. When it comes to other financial service institutions such as lending companies/private money lenders, you can apply conveniently through the internet. This is because majority of the lenders have online application. Some have downloadable application form and can be submitted through fax or email.

The finance forms are usually one to two pages and can be accomplished easily. As an applicant, you have to fill up the form legibly and correctly. There are no universal finance forms, but they have the same principle in getting the information they need to assess you.

Things to keeps in mind while applying:

  • Always bring your credit score when you are shopping. But, do not let them run over your credit score if you are not yet decided to whom lender you will apply for. Doing this can cause damage to your score. Let them check your credit score only if you will apply to your chosen lender.
  • If you go for dealer/seller financing, make sure that you drop off some add-ons such as extended warranties. Some add-ons can be acquired in other providers in cheaper price.
  • Choose thoroughly about the payment terms – if you opt for long payment terms, you may have lower monthly payments, but you have higher interest rates. On the other hand, you can lower that interest rates by choosing short payment term, but you have to pay higher monthly dues.
  • If you have an excellent to perfect credit score, apply to commercial banks or credit unions. Most of the time, they have lower interest rates than other lenders. However, if you have no or bad credit, you may be facing rejection.
  • If you have no or bad credit, seek financing through other lenders such as the dealer or the lending companies.
  • A down payment is necessary. Lenders will not usually approve the whole price tag of the RV or trailer. You have to pay the 10% to 20% of the total price as down payment and the remaining to the financing.
  • Read the financing contract before you sign it. Make sure that you understand it and there is no “subject to approval” or ”subject to financing” term.


For aspiring doctors and physicians, it is not good to simply give up on your dream. There are so many ways to achieve that dream. If you are more determine to achieve your goal, then you can get better possibility of attaining your goals in life.

There are many people who are dreaming to become MD practitioner or a physician in general. The degree in medicine can consume huge amount of time in the student’s life because it takes two to four years to complete the pre-medical education and additional six to seven years to complete the med school and this include the board exam and residency. Although are lots of aspiring youth who are dreaming to become a physician or any expertise in the field of MD, not all of them can carry on with their dream and only a portion of them are able to reach their goal. It is a fact that med school is a little bit hard because of so many things to study, but that is not the reason why people do not push through with their plan to take med school – it is the financial constraint why people do not go to med school. The cost of attending med school is not that cheap. The total cost can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend the med school per academic year.

For aspiring doctors and physicians, it is not good to simply give up on your dream. There are so many ways to achieve that dream. If you are more determine to achieve your goal, then you can get better possibility of attaining your goals in life. If the main problem or obstacle in attending med school is the finances or cost of education, you have to look for solutions. There are many financial assistances and sources given to deserving students in order to complete the MD degree.

Here are some examples of financial aid that you can apply for in order to support your study in med school:

The Pell Grant

This is arguably one of the most popular financing aids that the federal government offers to eligible students and allowed by most med schools is the Pell Grant. This kind of financial aid is a grant and this is not a loan. Being a grant, there is no need to repay the federal government. The maximum grant cash that a student/recipient can receive is as much as $5,500 and this will increase next year. This amount is not usually awarded to every recipient and there are many factors that can affect the money that a recipient can receive. Factors such as the financial needs, the expenses needing in school, student’s status (if full time or part time studying) and many more can affect the amount. The eligibility requirements and other details can be found by visiting this website: Application for this grant can be completed through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that can be completed here


Aside from the Pell Grants, there are many more grants and scholarships provided by the federal and local government as well as those provided by the private people, foundations, community and corporate sponsorships, groups, organizations and associations. There are a variety of sources for grants and scholarships and you can find then at and, but you have to be a member in this websites before you can search for the right scholarship or grants. The scholarship is very different from grant in which that main basis for acceptance is the scholastic/academic achievement and standing of the student. On the other hand, grants are based on different factors such as geographical location, financial problems, ethnicity, belonging to minority group, coming from a military family, member of an organization and many more. These financial aids can be viewed as “gifts” and there is no need to make repayment to the source of financial aid.

There are several sources for them, you have to thoroughly browse them and see if you qualify to the scholarship or grant. As much as possible, try to apply to more than one financial aid in which you are qualified. In order to maintain the scholarship or grant, the student must maintain high grade throughout the course of studying. The scholarships or grants can come from private and public sectors.

Student Loans

Of course, the med school offers financial aid in the form of student loans in addition to scholarships and grants. Most professional institutions like med schools have strong ties with different financial service institutions such as the commercial banks, alumni and private philanthropists. The loans can be re-paid after several months (usually the six month grace period) after he/she graduates or being removed from the school. Check out the financial aid office of the med school to know the details of student loan.

There are also federal student loans and you can apply to these programs. The details of these loan programs can be found here: Here, you will be surprised to see wide variety of loan programs that are offered by the federal government and its education department. The main example of the student loan programs are the direct loan and Stafford loan.

  • Stafford Loans – this can be classified as subsidized and unsubsidized type of loan. The difference between the two lies within the interest earned of the loan in which the subsidized type do not collected the earned interest throughout the grace period, whilst the unsubsidized loan is collecting the earned interest at the beginning of the six-month grace period. More details of this program is located here at
  • Parent PLUS loan – this loan is made available to the parents of students. This federal loan is intended for parents to help them provide financial aid to the child’s higher education. This is also available to the graduate students, such as med students, who are searching for means to support their advanced professional study and degree. Interested parents as well as the students can apply for this education loan via their college or university with the help from the Direct PLUS Loan Application. You can get the details of the Stafford loan from
  • Commercial banks such as Wells Fargo, CitiBank, Chase, US Bank and many more are offering a specialized loan for students. This student loan is offered to individuals needing money to support their education. To start your search, visit the nearest branch of your preferred bank and then know the details of the loan by talking to the representative of the bank.

Some pointers to keep in mind

There are lots of financial assistances. It is your work to find the one that suits your need. It is a good option to apply for scholarship and grants instead of getting student loans. Through these kinds of financial aids, you can complete your study because they can accommodate your entire schooling. There is no need to repay the sources or financier of the scholarship or grant, but you have to excel in your study so that the financier knows that their money is in good hands. By having high grades or the GPA, you are showing to the source that you are serious to achieve your goal and they will be more willing to lend a helping hand to your study through continuously providing financial aid.


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